The global clinching leader, Bollhoff Attexor SA

Bollhoff Attexor SA in Préverenges/Lausanne, Switzerland, is a manufacturing company, leading in the domain of clinching, an innovative technology to assemble sheet metal without any components. “Fastening without fasteners”! 

As part of the Böllhoff group, the clinching expert provides efficient standard and customized solutions to assemble metal. Not afraid of challenges, our team of passionate engineers will find the best solution for your application and enable you to meet today's' complex designs, high quality standards and global markets.

More than 40 years experience

Its engineering team being the pioneer in Europe, Bollhoff Attexor SA has based its success on the experience of more than 40 years. Providing efficient, economic and ecological solutions for most of the sheet metal assembly sectors throughout the world; the clinching machine manufacturers relies on a network of highly qualified partners, distributors and agents, and a Swiss quality without compromise.


Bollhoff Attexor SA offers worldwide, a large range of tooling and machines based on unique RIVCLINCH®, clinching and TAGGER®/ RIVSTITCH®, stitch-folding, pinching and even punching joining techniques protected by patents and patents pending. 

We provides sheet metal clinching equipments, hydraulic press machines, pneumatic press machines and stitch folding machines. 

Our standard product range can be used manually or easily integrated into automatic lines.

Worldwide representation

Bollhoff Attexor SA is a part of the Böllhoff Group, an international company leader in assembly techniques in the major countries of Europe, America and Asia, and in the particular sector of automobile worldwide.

A network of competent partners, distributors and agents represents clinching worldwide.

New buildings!

End of 2018, Bollhoff Attexor SA inaugurated it's new building offering 900 sqm2 of production and office facilities.

The Swiss company is now happy to welcome you in Préverenges, West of Lausanne:

Bollhoff Attexor SA
ZI Le Trési 9A
1028 Préverenges (Switzerland)

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Clinching is ecological by nature. 

Compared to the welding process, clinching offers tremendous improvements in terms of environmental protection:

  • No components, just a deformation of the material 
  • Electrical energy consumption reduced by 10 to 20 times
  • No cooling water and no need for refrigeration energy
  • Environmentally friendly workplace, no toxic fumes, no sparks, low noise
  • Sustainable production and quality improvment by elimination of corrosion
  • Elimination of polluting painting process by using pre-coated materials


Launching the prototypes of the new RIVSTITCH


Bollhoff  Attexor SA moves to new premises in Préverenges, Switzerland

Our official logo becomes BÖLLHOFF'


Launching of a complete solution for elevators assembly


Launching of a complete automatic solution for bag filter manufacturers


ATTEXOR Clinch Systems became Bollhoff Attexor SA


ATTEXOR Clinch Systems became a part of the BÖLLHOFF Group


Launching of the stand alone machines range
New organisation in North America with the creation of Advanced Clinch System


Launching of the new range of machines : the IP range, 100% pneumatic


Partnership with BÖLLHOFF GmbH, worldwide leader in the automobile industry


Foundation of ATTEXOR Clinch Systems


Acquisition of HOMAX/Inselectro


Partnership with BÖLLHOFF GmbH


Foundation of ATTEXOR Equipements, Spinoff and acquisition of TAGGER from Atlas Copco


First TAGGER® machines sold by Atlas Copco

First clinching machines sold by HOMAX/Inselectro


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