Building sector

Very popular in the building supply industry due to joint strength, resistance to vibration, and leak-proof.

Our clinching equipment is used to assemble countless applications in the building industry : Doors and windows frames, floor and roof elements, gutters, cable tray, cladding, light gauge steel framing, elevators, ventilation, lighting, garage doors, mail boxes, scaffolders etc.

We listen to your wishes. Our offer for durable joints is precisely tailored to your products and requirements – wherever you are located.


We think future‑oriented and provide everything from a single source: Apart from standard clinching machines, we also deliver tailor-made assembly solutions. 

Our goal is to deliver fast, efficient and easy assembly solutions. 

Contact us – our high-strength joints withstand even turbulent times.

Pneumatic portable clinching machine

RC 0404 IP

Multi-purpose, jaw type clinchers, ideally suited for applications with medium distance to access the joint.

Pneumatic portable clinching machine

RC 0201 IP

This extremely productive clinching tool is a plug-and-play and light weight.

Pneumatic portable clinching machine

RC 0706 IP

100% pneumatic, high capacity clinching tool with large opening jaws.

Pneumatic standalone clinching machine

RC 4006 P50 PASS

A multi-purpose, high productivity stand alone clinching machine.

Hand tools – Stitch folding & pinching


Ultralight stitch-folding machine.

The tooling range

Tooling range

The central component of the clinching joining system is the tooling. 

Ultra-light hydraulic clinch tool

RC 0201 FS

The lightest and fastest tool. 

Modular C-Frames

Modular C-Frames

A wide range of dimensions for your application.


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