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Ultra compact clinching tool kits

RIVCLINCH® tooling range

The central component of the clinching joining system is the tooling.

The punch, die and its integral anvil form the clinching tool kit.

A wide offer of standard tooling diameters are available to produce either round or rectangular clinch joints.

Criteria for the choice of tooling: 

1) Material (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper etc.)

2) Material thickness

3) Sheet combination (number of layers and order between punch and die)

High Speed clinching

Thanks to more than 2 joints per second, our RC 0201FS and RC 0201IP machines are the champions world-wide of high speed clinching!

Depending on the clinching tool selected, the resulting joint will be either round or rectangular:

Round joint SR (Spot Round)

  • The SR round joint without cutting trough the material, is just a deformation.
  • This joint is water and gas tight. Consequently it protects the coating better and provides high corrosion and fatigue resistance.
  • This joint is also aesthetically pleasing.

Rectangular joint ST (Spot Rectangular)

  • The ST rectangular clinch joint is the product of a combined cutting and deforming process.
  • It is primarily suited to multi-layer (up to 5 and more), harder metals such as stainless steel and wider range of thicknesses.

A large offer of clinching tools has been designed to fit every application :



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