Success Story Tôlerie Forézienne

Tôlerie Forézienne and Böllhoff : a tailor-made solution to increase productivity with RIVKLE® and RIVCLINCH® machine

A subsidiary of the Poujoulat Group, the European leader in chimney flue systems.  



Tôlerie Forézienne specializes in chimney manufacturing and maintenance, fine sheet metal work subcontracting and design street furniture.



Customer profile


Chimney manufacturing, fine sheet metal work subcontracting

Bonson / France



Poujoulat website

Initial situation

Chimney flues 

To produce its chimney flues, Tôlerie Forézienne relies on its full mastery of sheet metal working and a pool of state-of-theart machines run by employees.

Tôlerie Forézienne takes charge of projects from design to delivery and pulls out all the stops to achieve the final result the customer wants. 

To meet this challenge day in, day out, the subsidiary chose to increase productivity regarding crimped and clinched joints.

As a matter of fact, Tôlerie Forézienne had two separate workstations, run by two employees, for each joining technology.

The RIVKLE® & RIVCLINCH® special machine

The RIVCLINCH® technology is a metal joining method based on cold forming. It offers an alternative to welding and

allows localised deformation of the material. The RIVKLE® technology is a crimping method which is used to join thin-walled components. RIVKLE® fasteners are set when access is possible from only one side (blind installation). 

For this reason, Böllhoff offered Tôlerie Forézienne to make a customised machine that combined crimping and clinching.

Increased productivity

The RIVKLE® & RIVCLINCH® special machine crimps and clinches simultaneously at different places of a workpiece and thus decreases the time required to assemble chimney flues. Tôlerie Forézienne reassigned two employees to different positions and was finally able to increase productivity by using a single assembly station. 

Moreover, as it allows reduced maintenance and decreased joining times, this technology also leads to economic gains.

Customer benefits
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Economic gain



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