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The RIVSTITCH 0101 SF replaces our famous TAGGER 320 adding new possibilities 

Ultra-fast tool, for fastening sheet metal edges and flat panels. Ideal for pre-coated, multi-layers assemblies of thin sheet metals. 

The low weight, low noise and the absence of recoil makes the RIVSTITCH® 0101 SF a very user-friendly and productive machine.

This very versatile tool can now be equipped with stitch folding or pinching functions. 

Advantages at a glance :

  • More than one joint per second
  • One tool for all thicknesses
  • Joining of pre-painted, coated and sandwich materials
  • Can be equipped with pinching or stitch folding toolkits

The RIVSTITCH® 0101 SF is a polyvalent tool, perfect for manufacturers of white goods, heating, ventilation and filter equipment as well as automotive with thermal screens for instance.

This portable equipment offers easy access to narrow corners. The result is a safe joining of materials and /or profiles.

Workhead weight 2.4 kg - 4.7 lbs
Cycle time 0.6 s
Max total thickness, mild steel 1.8 mm - 0.07''
Max total thickness, stainless steel 1.2 mm - 0.04''

In stitchfolding, material tabs are cut out by punches.

These tabs are then folded back and compressed.

With the pinching function the sheet layer is wrapped around another sheet. 

They are then pinched together.

Materials are only deformed without any cut-out.

Unbeaten in the fastening of cabinets, refrigerated displays, vending machines, freezers, ventilation and many other domains.

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Ultralight stich folding and pinching machine for sheet metal fastening



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