Hydraulic high capacity clinching tool


Light and powerful clinch tool for edges, corners and flat panels.

The strong point is an exceptional capacity / weight ratio. 

As a portable tool it is suited for fastening edges, as an alternative to spot welding and riveting. 

The off-centered hydraulic cylinder offers access to edges on flat surfaces, often required for the assembly of cabinets, even of large sizes, from the inside. 

Its high tool force of 35 kN, along with the ultra-compact tool kits provides strong, reproducible joints with material up to 3.0 mm of total thicknesses. 

The optional rotating suspension offers a very ergonomic utilization in all position.

As an integrated workhead, it can fulfill heavy duty conditions of operation met with automated lines or robotic applications. 

It can be fit with sensors and compensated supports for easy installations.

Work head weight, incl. handle 4.5 kg - 9.9 lbs
Working air pressure 6 bar - 87 psi
Cycle time 0.8 to 1 s
Clinching force at 6 bar 35 kN - 77 klbs
Work stroke 8.0 mm - 0.32”
Max. total sheet thickness, mild steel 3.0 mm - 0.12”
Max. total sheet thickness, stainless steel (tool kit ST) 2.5 mm - 0.10”

Ideal machine for the following applications :

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