Pneumatic portable clinching machine


A plug-and play hand tool for jobsite

This extremely productive clinching tool is a plug-and-play light weight portable fastening tool, particularly suited for job-site assembly. 

It is 100% pneumatic, and is actuated by a built-in mechanical amplifier producing the high tool force required for a quality clinch joint.

The 90° angle design allows fast and ergonomic operation for large pieces.  

Fast operation without any component ! 

  • Perfectly designed for large parts 
  • Can clinch 3 layers
  • Elimination of corrosion 
  • Very fast operation with lateral sliding

This jaw type clincher is ideally suited for applications with medium distance to access the joint.

Optimized with wide opening and safe pre-stroke this machine is fast and ergonomic with automatic fast closing of the work head.

 The 90° angle designed allows perfect access for large parts.

Weight of work head 6.2 kg - 13 lbs
Working air pressure 6 bar - 87 psi
Cycle time 0.5 - 0.9 s
Depht of jaws 45 mm - 1.77 ''
Jaws opening 34 mm - 1.33 ''
Joining force 35 kN - 79 klb
Maximum thickness, Mild steel 3.0 mm - 1.18 ''
Maximum thickness, Stainless st. 2.5 mm - 0.098 ''

The tool kits have to be selected from the original RIVCLINCH® series round or rectangular based on your application.

The clinching machine is delivered complete, ready to use. 

The installation is exceptionally easy, by means of a simple quick coupling of ½” to any 6 bars (85 psi) compressed air source. 

No electricity is required. 

Air preparation unit, a gyroscopic suspension ring and a balancer are available as options. 

Ideal machine for the following applications :

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