Joining pocket filters

Automatic and manual Pocket Filters Solutions

Optimized solution to join inner and outer bag filter frames

A modular and lean solution based on the best existing joining techniques. 

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Your benefits at a glance :

  • Reduced lead time
  • Increased productivity: up to 500.000 pocket filters a year
  • For existing and new lines
  • Every 5 seconds the same clinching sequence guarantees the perfect clinching joint

Our solutions fits standard measurements as customer-specific filter sizes. 

Depending on the volume of your pocket filter production our manual or automatic equipment will be preferred for an efficient, lean and sustainable solution. 

Both automatic or manual solutions are designed for filter frames from 270 x 270 mm to 915 x 915 mm. 

The RIVCLINCH® Automatic Clinching Station with motorized conveyors is designed for up to 9  RIVCLINCH® 0202 IP.

Raise your productivity with the automatic clinching solution :

Every 5 seconds the same clinching sequence guarantees the perfect clinching joint.


The operator inserts the filter frame with the pockets into the loading area and starts the cycle. The filter frame is automatically pushed forward under the working heads. 

As soon as the filter bag is in position, the process monitoring starts the downward movement of the working heads and the clinching cycle. 

After completion and automatic testing of the clinching process, the arm is lifted to allow positioning of the next filter bag, etc. 

When all filter pockets are clinched, the mounted frame can be removed from the rear.

A manual solution based on riveting, stitching and clinching technologies. 

Assemble pocket filters from 270 x 270 mm to 915 x 915 mm with:

  • RIVQUICK® P1000 or RIVQUICK® T1 for Riveting
  • RIVSTITCH® 0101 for stitching
  • RIVCLINCH® 0201 IP for clinching

Ideal machine for the following applications :

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